FAQ: restaurant marketing

FAQ: restaurant marketing

Q: What services do you offer?

A: Thank you for asking! With my experience as a marketer and journalist, I am trained in visually stunning and effective storytelling. Do you have an upcoming campaign, are you launching a new store location, or adding new items to your menu? Are you promoting new items for summer grilling, shipping items nationwide for the holidays, or launching a new product? I can help you strategize messaging, plan for effective social media posts, create content for email newsletters or website promotion, and craft a narrative that drives consumers to take action. 

Q: I don't need marketing help just yet, but I do need content creation and assets to use in marketing! Can you provide that?

A: Yes! Visual marketing is my bread and butter. My philosophy is this: The internet is a noisy place, today more than ever before. With tons of information coming at us 24/7 through our computers, phones and devices, you need to stand out amongst the noise. Strong images are at the core of digital marketing, and I have the chops to do that for you.

Q: What does the process for photography for my business look like? 

A: First, we'll hop on a call with you, your marketing team, PR agency, or any stakeholders involved. We'll chat through your goals and make a plan that best suits your needs. Typically, this includes defining a shot list (the images that are most important to you), we'll chat throught dates and times to shoot, including your deadline(s.) Many business owners prefer to carve out a slow time, like before the restaurant opens, or during a slow afternoon, to shoot images to be sure that we have the space we need to create stunning images.

For consulting work outside photography, we'll work together to plan weekly, monthly, or quarterly calls with you and your team to check in, report on wins, and regroup.

Q: I want to hire you! What's next?

A: I love taking on new clients for digital content creation and marketing needs! Send an email to rachel@rachelcoward.com with the following information:

  • What is your restaurant / restaurant group, and where are you located?
  • What services are you interseted in? I offered content creation (photography, short videos for social media and campaigns), social media management, digital marketing consulting, marketing campaign consulting, copywriting/copyediting, and more! Don't see what you're looking for? Drop me a line and let's chat.
  • What is your timeline for the project(s?) What's your deadline for deliverables?

Once I receive your email, we'll work together to plan the next steps and get some brilliant marketing materials in your hands!

Q: But wait! What does it cost? Are you in my budget?

A: One of the things I love about my business is that each project is unique. Once I understand more about your wants & needs, I will create a custom quote for you. I believe in open communication when it comes to working together - bring with you any concerns, budgets, and big dreams to our first meeting, and we'll work through all of it together. You're hiring me to help your business, and that is precisely what I'm here for.